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UTGU Vending Machine Workshop Replay 2022

UTGU Vending Machine Workshop Replay 2022

This replay is a recording of a virtual zoom training from July 24, 2022. Which was instructed  by Coach Peggy. A business development coach with experience in the Vending Machine business. Coach Peggy started in the vending machine business with a couple partners as a way to semi passive income. Once she mastered the business. This experience is what led her to Wanting to open up this industry to others. Attendees were given a step by step to starting a vending machine business. This also included best practices, Tips to finding machines, Funding options, Tips on securing locations, VMS software suggestions and much more. By purchase this replay you will be receiving the same valuable training and resources to help to in starting your vending business also.


Disclaimer: The information in this replay is being offered based on the personal experience of Coach Peggy resulting from her research and hands on experience while being a vending machine business owner. This in no way should substitute for your own research to enhance your knowledge before making a decision and investment.

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